Toothbrush and moutwash

Preventative treatment

When was your last dental check-up and clean? Making a habit of great dental hygiene and regular preventative care is the key to excellent dental health and avoiding long-term problems.

Lady experiencing tooth pain

Restorative treatment

Whether your teeth have been chipped or broken, have suffered decay, or have been damaged by a hygiene infection, trauma or illnesses, Dr. Yen can help you to restore it and make you feel new again.

Happy smiling baby at Lindfield

Children’s dentistry

We love their precious little smiles. Dr. Yen is very experienced with children and, with two young ones of her own, appreciates the importance of introducing good oral hygiene practices at home as early as possible.

Crowns and bridges

What is a dental crown? A crown is a ‘cap’ placed over the whole tooth to protect it and strengthen it to best withstand forces, such as that from chewing. Bridges replace missing teeth, and can be more convenient than dentures.

Invisalign dental aligners


Would you like to straighten your teeth and enhance your smile? Invisalign makes this possible without the need to wear braces. Dr. Yen is a licensed Invisalign dentist and provides the genuine product, not the imitations.

Lindfield girl smiling - cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic and teeth whitening

Improving your smile can make an enormous difference to your appearance. Achieving this can start from simple re-contouring, whitening, bonding, to more complex treatments using crowns, bridges, orthodontics and implants.

Patient getting ready for oral surgery

Oral surgery

Having a tooth extracted is not the most pleasant of ideas, but often it is in the your best interests to take care of it sooner rather than later. Your dentist’s oral surgery skills makes an enormous difference.

Dental implants


Have you considered replacing that missing tooth? Modern dental implant technology has allowed for missing teeth to be replaced without the inconvenience of dentures.

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